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Krüger Aviation

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Meeting the increasing requirements of the aviation industry and fulfilling our customers‘ needs has been, and always will be, the main focus of the Krüger Group.


It is for these reasons that we have changed our structure and founded on January 1st 2016 Krüger Aviation GmbH, a technologically advanced manufacturing company dedicated solely to supplying the modern aviation industry.


Our brand-new facility has state-of-the-art variable manufacturing stations, a quality inspection room and an aerospace-qualified high-bay warehouse. We can quickly change the layout of our shop floor in order to include ring or line production systems, etc.


Krüger Aviation is located in one of the most important aviation centres in the world. Hamburg is the third-largest civil aviation capital after Seattle and Toulouse.


Member of
Hanse Aerospace Hamburg Aviation


Our dedicated aerospace division
  • Total Area: 2,700 m²
  • Office: 500 m²
  • Shop Floor: 1,300 m²
  • Warehouse: 900 m²


Additional space is available through the production facilities of the Group. Our production area measures over 10,000 m² in total.


Krüger Aviation References

Worldwide more than 300 customers

Arthur Krüger Group

1920 Arthur Krüger established Vulkanfiber-Zentrale in Hamburg


Diversity and experience have long been the backbone of the Arthur Krüger Group. We have been partners for service providers of plastics applications since 1920. Our three production areas located in east Hamburg include 15,000 m² state-of-the-art manufacturing and storage facilities. A substantial part of these areas are devoted exclusively to aviation.


Our expertise encompasses detailed advice on material selection and application parameters, the supply of thermoplastic and duroplastic semi-finished products and the manufacturing of complex precast parts and assemblies.

Arthur Krüger Group

  • Medium-sized, company with nearly 180 employees
  • Located across three sites in Barsbüttel, on the eastside of Hamburg, Germany
  • 15,000 m² of production and storage areas
  • Trading for almost 100 years
  • 100 percent family-owned; currently managed the fourth generation, Carola Keller and Nils Krüger
  • Annual turnover of approx. EUR 30 million

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