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Component Services

Component Services

Mirror Production

We are the world’s leading supplier of high-quality mirrors for the aviation industry. Our production
techniques have been optimized to ensure extremely short lead times.


Our integrated production area from the incoming material to fully inspected and packed mirrors affords a high measure of efficiency and flexibility.



  • Cut to shape, according to your drawings/specifications
  • Inclusion of semi-transparent zones
  • Sandblasting for background lighting or PSU-signs
  • Combination of sand blasting and semi-transparent zones
  • Fully polished edges and chamfers
  • Full assembly (panel / lighting)
  • Thermoforming to magnifying mirrors



  • Up to 2,440 x 1,220 mm
  • Thickness: 2 mm & 3 mm




Our K-Reflexion line of polycarbonate mirrors has brought plastic mirrors for aircraft lavatories up to a new level of quality and service. They never fail to impress with high, unprecedented style and functionality.


After being installed in the aircraft, KRX mirrors, with their clarity and true-color reflection, cannot be distinguished from a regular glass mirror.


However, K-Reflexion mirrors do much more than just provide picture-perfect reflections. Our exceptional KRX070 model, for example, also has semi-transparent areas in which monitors may be installed to provide various types of information.


The KRX070 is a finalist in the Material and Components category of the Crystal Cabin Awards 2017.

Component Services


Our range of thermoforming manufacturing services includes:

  • Deep draw vacuum forming (single and twin sheet)
  • Strip heat bending
  • Drape forming



  • Positive and negative forming
  • Dimensions up to 2,200 x 3,200 mm
  • Thickness up to 10 mm
  • Wide range of materials and colours


Thermoforming advantages

  • Very cost efficient
  • Low-cost tooling compared to injection molding; easy modification
  • Thin walls possible for optimum weight reduction
  • No delay between prototyping and serial production, thereby providing quick turnaround
  • Excellent surface finishing

Component Services

CNC Machining

Our facilities include two modern robotic CNC machining workshops and various multi-axis equipment for highprecision finishing of plastic components for the aviation industry.



  • Turning
    • 4 CNC-based machines
  • Milling
    • 11 five-axis CNC machines (up to 2.2 m x 4.4 m)
    • 4 three-axis CNC machines
    • 4 two-axis CNC machines
    • 1 KUKA Robotics CNC machine


Machining from

  • Rods / Bars
  • Tubes
  • Plates / Sheets



  • Gliding Rails
  • Bushings
  • Valves

Component Services

Special Components

Producing high-end interior components for commercial aviation and VIP customers requires a high degree of precision handwork. Taking the specialist professional plastic locksmith as a starting point, our staff boasts a broad range of skills.


Among other things, we specialize in the production of transparent components such as shower doors, light fixtures, magazine racks, etc.


We also excel at installing complete modules from the parts we ourselves manufacture as well as manufacturer-supplied components.


Our Special Components Workshop has state-of-the-art variable manufacturing stations. We can quickly change the layout of our shop floor in order to include ring or line productions.


We work closely with all of our VIP customers, from the initial idea all the way to final installation in the aircraft.



  • Line / Heat Bending
  • Joining and Bonding
  • Grinding
  • Manual / Flame Polishing
  • Assembly and Kitting
  • Copy Milling
  • Printing / Painting / Laser Marking



  • Magazine Racks
  • Cable Holder
  • Partition Covers

Component Services

3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing)

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a manufacturing process by which complex workpiece geometries in particular can be manufactured tool-free. This technology is based on the layering principle and is used in both rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing. Both prototypes as well as finished and aviation-certified final products can be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively
using this principle.


Our engineers, who are trained in 3D printing, are specialized in designing components production-ready for the aviation industry and in preparing these optimally for 3D printing. This means that even very complex structures can be manufactured very easily and also with inherently
stable qualities, thus guaranteeing successful series production.


Areas of application/use

  • Final products for viewing and cargo areas
  • Series production
  • Prototypes
  • Display models
  • Replacement components



  • Tool-free manufacturing
  • High flexibility
  • High design freedom
  • Small quantities
  • Fast and cost-effective component optimization
  • No lead time from CAD model to final product
  • Weight reduction


Usable materials
Rapid Prototyping

  • PC
  • PC-ABS
  • PC-ISO
  • PA 12
  • ASA
  • ABS


Rapid Manufacturing

  • Ultem 9085 (PEI)
  • Ultem 1010

Business Unit

Material Advice & Supply

As one of the leading distributors for plastics in Europe and with almost 100 years of experience, The Krüger Group can advise its customers on all their plastic needs. We founded the to become one of the most important buyers for all plastic manufacturers.


We have 30 years of experience as a supplier for OEM Tier 1 & 2 companies.


Our certified distribution system (EN 9120:2010) offers a wide range of benefi ts, including:


  • Detailed advice on material selection and
    application parameters
  • Short lead times
  • Attractive pricing
  • Low MOQ
  • Cutting to dimensions
  • Packaging for international transport
  • Custom control services


Full Range of Shapes

  • Bars / Rods
  • Tubes
  • Plates / Sheets


Aerospace Certified Materials
General Engineering Plastics

  • PC
  • PA66
  • POM
  • PTFE


Advanced Engineering Plastics

  • PEEK
  • PPSU
  • PEI
  • PPS


Imidized Plastics

  • PAI
  • PBI
  • PI


We offer a broad spectrum of semi-finished Aerospace Certified Materials as well as the unparalleled expertise needed to consult our customers in finding the right material for their specific requirements.



  • FAR 25.853 (Federal Aviation Regulations)
  • ABD 0031 (Airbus Standard)
  • BSS 7239 (Boeing Standard)
  • ASTM E 662 (International Standard)
  • etc.


Krüger Aviation is a listed supplier for plastics on the Airbus Qualified Supplier List.

Partnership with

Business Unit

Technical Support

Our Technical Support Team puts a broad range of experience and materials knowledge at your disposal. Our expertise and know-how with regard to construction elements, components, and modules are just one of our many competencies, and we offer consultancy on materials at many levels.


Other core competencies include:

  • Re-Design of metal and plastic components/modules
  • Advice on appropriate manufacturing processes for thermoforming, injection molding, and even generative manufacturing processes
  • Planning and preparation of complex qualification processes and relevant documentation
  • Individual material advice for various application profiles
  • CAD digitization of prefabricated parts and technical drawings, including creation of production documentation
  • Execution of complex element contours by thermoforming using vacuum molding tools

Business Unit

Innovation Centre

The Krüger family has had a pioneering role in the plastics industry for nearly 100 years. As early as 1920, Arthur Krüger and his son, Werner Krüger, were committed to developing innovative production processes in this field.


The introduction of injection molding, thermoforming, CNC machining, and robotics is just one of the many milestones in the company’s history.


Spurred on by this same pioneering spirit, the fourth generation of the family, Carola Keller and Nils Krüger, launched the Group’s Innovation Center, where our experienced engineers work with both undergraduate and graduate students on the latest manufacturing methods. These include, among other things, testing 3D printing for industrial use in our company.


Our close cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences of Lübeck and the Institute of Polymer Technology at the University of Wismar ensures that there are always opportunities for new research on the cutting-edge of technology.


Whether for our own purposes or those of our clients, the optimization of how plastics are processed is at the core of our current success as a company.


At the same time, this focus continues to build a foundation for the work of future generations of the Krüger family.